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The three best coffee makers in 2019

Coffee is important and the equipment you use is crucial to get the best results. Welcome offers on coffee makers are available every day! We have looked at the three best new coffee machines presently available in the Canadian market. This is a top list for all coffee lovers! We offer our tips for free, and they are available without registration.



The MOCCAMASTER H931 AO is the best budget coffee maker when compared with other models from the legendary MOCCAMASTER. However, it is strongly built, which makes it one of the best affordable brewers for Canadian coffee lovers.

The warranty period is lengthy which is a good indication that MOCCAMASTER feels confident with this particular model. It performs very well even when compared to more expensive coffee makers. This is the best model for those who want to make coffee with precision. It is set at the perfect temperature and allows ground coffee beans to give out their best aromas.

This is a nice coffee maker that will perfectly fit in your kitchen. If you can, use a welcome promotion to buy MOCCAMASTER H931 AO. You can get it online at trusted top retailers and even pay with Interac. Most shops have fast deliveries.


MOCCAMASTER KBGC982 AO is a good choice for those who want to have a beautiful looking coffee maker, not too luxurious despite its high cost. With Interac, you can order this online easily. This model is available in a range of modern colours and will match any kind of kitchen style.

The advantage of this coffee machine is that it makes good coffee, and much faster than the simpler models. In fact, With MOCCAMASTER KBGC982 AO, It takes about six minutes to make a whole carafe of excellent coffee.

MOCCAMASTER coffee makers are all safe to use; The MOCCAMASTER KBGC982 AO will give you a good start in the morning and help you feel good throughout the day thanks to its high quality performance.

Russell Hobbs Elegance

Russell Hobbs is a high-quality British brand that makes surprisingly affordable household products. They have been running since the 1950s and this particular coffee maker has become a must-have in all modern kitchens. You can order it online from many sites which require no account or pre-order it by choosing the no deposit option.

This coffee maker is perfect for those who appreciate advanced features without spending too much. Russell Hobbs Elegance brews coffee faster than many other cheaper coffee makers. It doesn’t have an official representative in Canada but we are in 2019 and thanks to the internet you can easily buy it online.

Studied made by official organizations have shown that coffee brewed with this coffee maker is excellent and of high quality. We highly recommend this model to all coffee lovers.